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Vision and Mission


veenio Vision & Mission :

Vision :
To create a next generation research and innovation led Institute exploring ever expanding frontiers of Science, Engineering, Technology and Humanities, with focus on Information Technology. To nurture and shape inventors, innovators, technology and application professionals as well as leaders and social transformers who will respond to the challenges and paradigm shifts of the 21st Century to create a sustainable society in the national and international perspective

Mission :

  1. To create human resources and leaders who will address and discover ICT driven solution to the emerging opportunities as well as crisis such as climate change, energy, water, food, poverty, education and social divide
  2. To help achieve pre-eminence of India in Information & Communication Technologies, emerging technologies such as Biotechnology, Nanotechnology by carrying out cutting edge research and development of new products, technologies and services
  3. To develop science and culture of services, management and production relevant to the 21st Century