Message from Director, ACIIL, IGNOU

Prof. K. SubramanianCollaboration in Advanced Technical/Scientific and Research institutions of excellence is the need of the 21st Century. The Collaboration initiated between IGNOU & I²IT Pune in setting up the IGNOU-I²IT Centre of Excellence for Advanced Education and Research at I²IT Campus at Pune is the right step to stimulate Developing India to Developed India. The Joint offerings of full time, Face-to-Face, fully residential Postgraduate and Research Programs in Advanced Scientific/ technology, and management areas, will benefit a large number of demanding student population, for high quality professional education in India. This will also serve as an excellent centre for imparting high-end skills and certification for Teachers in various engineering colleges, management schools, and institutes in India. This well meaning Educational alliance between IGNOU and I²IT will pave way in assuring and delivering high Quality Professional/Technical Education in India.

We assure the convergence and synergy of Excellence in advanced areas of technology, science, engineering and management, all round character development with the best of the ambience, infrastructure and dedicated quality faculty associated with this Joint Center of Excellence for Higher scientific education and Research.

I wish the students of these joint programs to really feel and enjoy the opportunity provided through this Center of Excellence, at Pune.

-Prof. K. Subramanian,