Classrooms – Classrooms are one of the main platforms where effective understanding takes place. We have taken all the probable attention while designing our world class classrooms so that our students get effective learning from our faculty and simplify participative knowledge.All the classrooms at the International Institute of Information Technology (I²IT) have well-equipped facility, specially designed for Engineering and Technology students providing highest quality.

The infrastructure provides an excellent world class educational experience in a growing and cherishing atmosphere.

Laboratories – The technology laboratories at the International Institute of Information Technology (I²IT) are a resource centre for faculty, instructors, research associates and teaching assistants interested in using multimedia to improve teaching, learning and research.

These state-of-the-art technology labs are used to provide training and support for the development of instructional materials including interactive presentations during the process of teaching and learning. The laboratories have a wide array of equipment and software to support the Academic Curriculum of the various academic programmes.

Library – The aim of the Library is to cater to the needs of our institute faculty, students, staff and research scholars. It is the heart of the institution and acts as a center for the collection of books predominantly related to engineering, information and communication technology, biotechnology, bioinformatics, interdisciplinary science and its allied subjects and progresses a broad collection of information that is useful for teaching and reference purpose. The collection comprises printed documents such as books, reports, thesis, patents and journal back volumes. The non-book collections include material like micro fiche/film, audio/video cassettes and CD ROM discs. The library is housed in the main academic building adjacent to the classrooms as a matter of convenience to the students.