International Institute of Information Technology (I²IT) is located in the state-of-the-art Rajiv Gandhi Infotech Park of Pune. Pune is a unique mix of rich tradition of education and culture. Maharashtra’s knowledge capital and queen of the Deccan, Pune, is easily accessible from the buzzing metro of Mumbai with the presence of several academic institutions and research establishments, and a well-developed IT hub, this city is now fast becoming an advanced tech-city teeming with leading IT and BT companies and multi-national engineering companies.

Being in such close proximity to the tech giants such as Cognizant, Tata Technologies, Wipro, and Infosys amongst many others, the students of International Institute of Information Technology (I²IT) enjoy the advantage of a dynamic industry interface and an opportunity to work with some of these companies.

With such an intimate relationship with a city which is synonymous with the word ‘equilibrium’ between culture and education, the fine balance of the mind, body and soul is enhanced subconsciously in the students of I²IT, thus allowing an all-encompassing mode of education and learning.